“Water Features” at The Off Track Gallery

 Water Features

A Thousand FrondsDesert Stream III love painting water and many of my paintings include water in some form.  kinds of emotion.  Water can be the center of interest in a work of art or a supporting element in the composition.

One of my sources of inspiration is the desert.  One might assume that the desert is a dry wasteland, but I have found otherwise.  “Desert Stream II” depicts a stream in the Borrego Desert which one could follow up to a lovely oasis setting which I portrayed in “A Thousand Fronds.”

Bridge At LetchworthBridge at Letchworth” represents a scene from a state park in upstate New York.  I loved the way the brook flowed over the rocks and stones.

WildThingIVAnother of my favorite sources is the marsh at Tillman, also in upstate New York.  Whenever I visit the area, I stop by the marsh because it is so tranquil and evokes thought.  “Wild Thing” based on that marsh.  The Wild Thing refers to the off center tree in the center which always appears to me to be the rebel of the marsh…going its own way.  The water in the marsh is usually still, the tranquility of that broken only by the Canada Geese which are very present in the area.

AllQuietBig Sur IIIAll Quiet” and “Big Sur III” have the ocean as the main feature of the painting as most of my seascapes do.  My intent here is to show how peaceful the ocean can be and how appropriate the name “Pacific” is for this ocean.

One of the best reasons to paint water is that the artist can utilize water features to evoke a wide range of emotion and I hope that this selection of “Water Features” will do that for you.