About The Artist

After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Boston University, Joyce embarked on a career in art education in Massachusetts and New Jersey. She left the teaching profession to experience the challenges of the computer software industry and enjoyed a successful career in that field as well. However, Joyce never lost her love of art and now devotes her time to creating art.

Joyce especially loves painting landscapes in her favorite medium, Acrylics. Primarily a studio painter, she works from sketches, value and color studies, and photographs she takes on location. Her experience in the software industry has been a helpful aid in modifying the on-site work to improve the composition of her subject.

Joyce likes to work on both paper and canvas and she approaches the work slightly differently depending on the support.  She will employ several watercolor techniques when working on paper while her works on canvas are more reminiscent of oil paintings.  Joyce works in series approaching her subject matter from a variety of angles .  Her most recent series’ include her “Wild” and “Sanctuary” series both based on a protected area in upstate New York, the marsh at Tillman.  She also comes back to her various seascape works and never tires of that.

Currently, Joyce is a member of the San Diego Watercolor Society and the San Dieguito Art Guild. She served on the board of the San Diego Watercolor Society for three years and was the organization’s newsletter one year. Joyce exhibits regularly in the monthly shows of both organizations and has won several awards for her work. She has also been juried into shows at The La Jolla Art Association, Southwestern Artist Association and the Art and Materials Workshop in Pasadena.

Joyce believes that the pursuit of one’s art passion is a never-ending learning experience. “Whether it’s experiencing a new subject or mastering a new technique, creating art always presents challenges.”

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